Due to the minimalist design of this blog, a lot of my older blog posts end up completely neglected and forgotten about. To counteract this, this is a list of my favourite pieces that are meaningful to me in some way, or perhaps didn’t get the time of day when I first published them.

Thoughts on Life

I’m prone to think about my life was more than I should and this has led to two of my favourite posts, “The Annual Existential Crisis (Birthday)” and “Another Existential Crisis“. Both posts are about trying to figure out what to do in life and my dissatisfaction and fears. In a similar vein, in “Adulthood” I speak about growing up and how it never seems to have happened to me.

Modern Envy” is about envy, a feeling I’m prone to, how it effects us and what can cause it.

Life Experiences

Sometimes something happens to me that somehow seems significant to write about. Maybe it’s a small moment or a big moment, but it makes me question something.

In “A Hoodlum Spat In My Face“, I try to understand why a man randomly spat at me in the street. “Forgetting The Bully” is about the effect bullying has had on me and how I feel about it 10 years after the fact.

Santa Teacher” sees me being given the awful task of being Santa in a Korean kindergarten. Something that was in no way fun but instead a major cause of anxiety. Even worse was trying to poop in a Korean kindergarten which I address in, “Pooping in Korea

Travel Experiences

After a few years of travelling I’ve managed to write about some unique experiences. My favourite pieces speak less about travel but more about my reaction to travelling or some lesson I’ve learnt.

Getting Nude in Public“, is about shedding a little insecurity in order to enjoy a hot spring naked. A valuable lesson. “The Beauty of a View“, is about trying to enjoy a moment without taking a photograph of it. Something impossible nowadays.

In “Walking Through Vancouver“, I try to work out my feelings about Vancouver’s massive amounts of homeless.  And in “Speaking English” I talk about the difficulties of communication, even with people who speak the same language as me.

In “Peachy Syrup“, I don’t learn anything apart from how many themed restaurants there are in Kiev.

Short Stories

From time to time I’m on a walk or sitting on a bus, idly daydreaming when a story appears in my head. A few times these daydreams have been turned into short stories.

The first story I’ve chosen is named,”The New Car” about a giant spider who falls in love with a shiny new car.

Small Talk“, is about a man who gets so sick of small talk that he pretends to be a foreigner to avoid socialising. Something I’d love to do.

Random thoughts on life and travel.