Serious Chats Podcast: What’s Your Origin Story?


You might assume that my new podcast only has two episodes as that’s all I’ve posted up onto DasBloggen. But I’m actually on the sixth proper episode now.

Once I’ve recorded the podcast, spent a few hours editing it, created an image, done the uploading AND posted it on social media, the last thing I want to do is also post something on my blog.

This isn’t surprising. I’m always way more motivated to make something than I am to promote it. Promotion bores me but it’s also pretty essential for success. If you don’t promote something, nobody knows it exists. But sometimes that never crosses my mind. Today, I guess it did.

On this episode of my podcast, I talk about origin stories.

Origin stories are something I’m always interested in. I’m curious as to how people became the person they are. But more than that, I’m always trying to figure out why I act as I do.

Mostly this involves the negative aspects of myself. I’m searching for reasons or maybe somebody to blame. Although realistically, I know that for most people change is gradual.

If you want to hear me talk more about origin stories, then listen to the podcast, DUH! Here are a few options below:

Soundcloud | RSS | iTunes or your podcasting app, search for “Serious Chats”


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