Letter From The Past

Recently my mam has been clearing out my grandmas house as my grandma has moved out. During the clearing she found this old letter. The letter is from my grandmas brother to my grandma during the second world war.

For a little context it’s worth knowing my gran’s brother went on bombing runs during WW2 as a gunner in a Lancaster bomber. At the time my gran was also working for the RAF.

This was the last letter he sent to my gran as he was later killed in action.

1577367 Sgt. R. Cook
Sgts. Mess
R.A.F. Waddington

Mr Dear Sister,
At last I write to you. I’m very sorry my darling but you know what I am for writing letters. I can hardly find time to write to Mam and it’s a month since I wrote to Joan. Mam keeps telling me that you think I don’t care for you well my dear I don’t even want you to think that again because I do care for you very much after all you’re my sister aren’t you and I’m proud of you too. I’m always showing your photo to the boys. By the way I had mine taken when I was home but Mam will be sending you one as she has them all. Yes it was rather a pity you couldn’t have your leave a week later. You went back on the Saturday and I went on leave on the Monday so you just missed me, but I’ll be going on leave again on the 18th of January. You seen now that I’m on operations. I get 7 days leave every 6 week, not bad eh. But we need it. Since I got my stripes I’ve done 9 raids. I came back off leave last Monday and last Tuesday and Wednesday I went on both the big Turin raids. Yes my dear I’ve been around a bit since I start, I’ve been to

Turn – 4 times
Genoa – 3 times
Hamburg – 1 time
Stuttgart – 1 time

If i keep on at this rate I’ll soon have 30 done, then settle down for a nice 6 months rest as an instructor. Well now that Xmas is getting near I guess I’l have to be looking around for a Xmas box for you, I haven’t the faintest idea what to get you but I’ll dig something up. Mam told me you had got me a fountain pen and shaving stuff well the pen is just what I wanted but you needn’t have bothered about the shaving stuff as I’ve got plenty of that but never mind I’ll be able to use it and thank you very much my darling. Well I guess I’ve said about all I can now so with all my love to you I’ll say cheerio till next time.

Your Ever Loving Brother
Dick xxxxxxxxxxx

P.S. Give my love to all the A.T.S. girls down there. HA! HA!

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